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Have you ever sent a paper for publication in a journal?

If you did, then you realize that the most dramatic part is the time you need to wait for the paper to be reviewed! It is really scary imagining that your paper might need sometime between 6 months and 3 years to get published!!!

Some of you have experienced writing a blog, a note on facebook, a wiki page, or something of that sort. Wouldn't it be nice if you could publish your research in such and easy, quick, and swift way?

Definately, the issue of quality assurance and scientific credibility have to be managed.

I am proposing the idea through this blog, and want to start an open discussion on the issue to cover topics like peer reviewing, intellectual property rights, editorial board, etc ...

My initial idea is:
  1. The creation of a WIKI for the Journal
  2. Anyone may post their paper
  3. The members with similar background and scintific experience may post their review coments
  4. The Author replies or edits the paper accordingly
  5. The paper, as posted by the author, is considered the contribution and may be referred to in further work or by other authors
What do you think?

Contribute with your ideas!

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