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This is the Wikispace companion to SCIEnCE - Share Collaborative Ideas, Enact Cooperative Efforts.

Scientific ideas are collaboratively composed using Wiki functionality. The result will be research designs that are optimized before funding and embarking on a project. Once a core group of contributors and proposals are accumulated, SCIEnCE will seek funding to reward the best contributors and projects.

All of this is explained in much greater detail on the S.C.I.En.C.E. website.

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Proposals and Essays

The S.C.I.En.C.E. Agenda

The Selfish Scientist

Centralized Grant Proposal Repository

Public Contribution Rating

Crowdsource CRISP

Marked For Death

Take the 'pre-clinical' out of animal testing

Data Reuse Registry

Chemistry Crowdsourcing and Open Notebook Science

Light-inducible Spinal Cord Injury

'Hebbian' Rehabilitation for Spinal Cord Injury

Lumping rare diseases into integrated clinical trials

Developing Anti-Malarial Agents using Open Notebook Science - submitted to Gates Foundation May 30, 2008 (Bradley)

Crowdsourcing Chemistry and Modeling using Open Notebook Science - submitted to NSF December 8, 2008 (Jean-Claude Bradley, Rajarshi Guha and Antony Williams)

Research Proposals Group on Scribd

Upcoming Proposals

General Comments

Useful Links

Useful Chemistry
Open Notebook Science Challenge (Submeta Awards to measure solubility)
Science in the Open
Sci Foo
Gotham Prize
Synaptic Leap
Nature Precedings
Open Reading Frame


Jean-Claude Bradley (For helping set up this WikiSpace) (I grabbed the logo on the upper left from their site)